Fabrice Garnier
French Indie Game Developer

Only one and Independent , i'm developer flash game as3 and c# unity 3D, I innovate in gameplay and research new concepts for fun games ever higher. Cause the game is an infinite pleasure, quality and ergonomics makes the player nearest interactions.
The dream becomes reality.
Fabrice Garnier
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  • C# Unity 3D
  • Adobe Flash As3
  • Native Extention(GPS,Accelerometer,vibration...)
  • Starling , Stage3D , Greensock , Box2D
  • Deployment

  • Android / IOS / Desktop

Mobile / Destktop

The Silliest Ball
R-Jump (Doodle)
R-Master (Reflexion)
R-Liner (Multiplayer)
R-Ball (Reflexion/Arcade)
The Owl Gold Guide (Application)


Fabrice Garnier self has always been based "Newage" in 2008.

Mainly creating websites, it is in 2011 that "Newage" becomes "Newage-Arcade-Game" and is moving in the gaming-gaming industry.

Working for a subcontractor of Ubisoft (Wizarbox) on VisTaVie (Social Game) and Quiz Party (WII console), the year 2012 will rise to R-Liner with more than two thousand players confirming its place in the world Indie-Game.

Other games such follow-Ball R, R-Jump and the youngest, The Silliest Ball, being developed (2013/2014).

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Silliest Ball (1.8 Final version)

Released on July 7th, 2014
  • NEW Add New Level
  • NEW End of project ....The full game will be finished with an entire team, for now I am alone, if you want others levels, talk and share my game ;-)

Silliest Ball (1.7)

Released on May 21th, 2014
  • NEW Add Level Select + Music
  • FIX 1) Fix Bug Service (it is no longer mandatory)
  • FIX 2) Optimization acceleration 3D (improved gameplay)

Silliest Ball (1.6)

Released on January 23th, 2014
  • FIX 1) Add compatibility Tablet
  • NEW 2) Change Music Game
  • NEW 3) Google Play Service (Activation)
  • NEW 4) Add 5 Achievements + Scoring World

R-Ball (2.0.3)

Released on October 15th, 2013
  • FIX 1) Correction Bug Android 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 (incorrect Packages)

R-Ball (2.0.2)

Released on May 13th, 2013
  • FIX 1) Add Player Air for full compatibility phone/tablet
  • NEW 2) Full free game now
  • NEW 3) Move memory SD Card

R-Liner (2.0.3)

Released on October 15th, 2013
  • FIX 1) Correction Bug Android 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 (incorrect Packages)

The owl gold guide (2.0)

Released on May 31th, 2013
  • FIX 1) Correction bug GPS marker Position
  • FIX 2) Debug Touch Slide (Menu)